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4 Places You Probably Haven’t Cleaned in a While

If you’re managing an office building, healthcare facility, or any other commercial establishment, certain hard-to-clean parts of your space may need some extra care and attention.

Have you overlooked these areas in your office, business, or commercial space?

Baseboards - The areas where the floor and the wall meet are prone to dust and grime buildup, and keeping your baseboards clean requires more than a swipe with a wet rag.

Underneath appliances - Areas beneath refrigerators, freezers, and other small or large fixtures tend to accumulate dirt, liquid, and sometimes even mold. This can pose a serious threat to the functionality of appliances and lead to expensive damages and clean-ups.

Ceiling fans and vents - Ceiling fans and high-up vents are sometimes difficult to reach and some offices don’t have a ladder on hand, but these areas tend to amass large quantities of dust, grime, and allergens. Dirty ceiling fans and clogged vents can be hazardous to the respiratory health of all who enter or work inside your commercial space.

Electronic devices - Sometimes it takes more than surface-level dusting to keep your electric devices clean and functional. If you allow dirt and dust to build up or use incorrect cleaning methods, it could shorten the lifespan of your digital devices and force you to replace them earlier than necessary.

If any of these areas of your commercial building are not adequately cleaned on a regular basis, it could become a health hazard to occupants, and cause a decrease in the productivity of those inside your space.

It can also reduce your facility's impression of professionalism and create expensive messes.

However, you can protect the health of those inside your commercial space, the life of your electronic devices, and the overall cleanliness and professionalism of your business by bringing in an experienced commercial cleaning service.

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