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Keeping your carpets clean

Keeping your carpets clean can be difficult. It is important to note that when carpet odors become noticeable, the carpet problem may indeed be very serious and needs immediate attention. The first step will be to detect and remove the source of the odor, and then clean it thoroughly and quickly. Once the smell has established itself in your carpet, routine carpet cleaning will not solve the problem because it will need to deep clean the contaminants using hot water extraction with an subsurface tool.

Once you do this, you may find that the hot water extraction may not be sufficient for strong unpleasant odors, it will sometimes be necessary to use a deodorant agent or odor neutralizer. Determining the equivalent will be the next challenge since there is a wide range of agents available that are designed for different types of odors like mildew, food, human waste, etc.It is critical that the professional commercial cleaning company technicians know the source of the odor before they use the wrong chemical.

Professional carpet cleaners will test the chemical on a small piece of carpet to see if the treatment will work before neutralizing the carpet completely. This will prevent wasted time and money and increase the likelihood that you will have a successful cleaning. If the neutralizer works and softens the odor, the carpet can be completely treated. If the carpet has not been glued to the carpet, the cleaner will likely remove or detach it and treat the carpet backing as well as the neutralizing agent for contact with the cause of the odor. This process allows the team to access any odor issues in the subfloor and replace the liner if needed.

Again, it is imperative to have a professional commercial cleaning company to do the work because it is imperative to use strong chemicals in the process and they have the knowledge and tools to complete the job quickly and successfully. Removing odors is a daunting challenge and the main goal is to eliminate odors not mask them as masking them will prolong the problem and doesn’t address the underlying cause. Sometimes the only solution is to remove the carpet but if you quickly get professional help chances are a more affordable solution will be successful

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