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The Three Tiers of Cleaning

Depending on the type of business you run or the level of need, there are three important levels of “clean” to be aware of when it comes to keeping your workspace safe and healthy.

Clean - Sanitize - Disinfect

A simple reminder to keep in mind:

Cleaning is removing clutter, dust, crumbs, and other detritus around certain spaces such as your desk, windows, kitchen, and other areas.

Sanitizing reduced germs and decreases the opportunity for microbes to gather by providing antibacterial solutions.

Disinfecting is destroying germs on contact by eradicating them where they live and inhibiting their spread at the source. EPA-Approved disinfectants are the only products truly qualified to kill both viruses and bacteria, whereas sanitizers can only effectively kill bacteria alone.

So how often should you have your business cleaned?

Well, it depends.

Some businesses require a higher level of sanitization due to the high level of foot traffic that comes in while others with less foot traffic can rely on a dust-free and tidy appearance to be able to conduct business effectively.

The level of interaction and foot traffic in your business should dictate the attention you pay to the cleaning process. However, all businesses should be performing traditional cleaning tasks daily.

VZAP offers a variety of affordable services such as janitorial services and disinfection services to help your business check off the three levels of cleaning we mentioned earlier.

Our team will even help create the right cleaning schedule for your business to assure it’s remaining clean and germ-free.

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